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Your Guide to Flooring Services: Advice From a Pro Handyman!

Hey, have you just moved to a new home but somehow you don't like the flooring design there? Then, you may be a bit keen on change! No matter what type of floor you want in your new home, a handyman can help you with the flooring services throughout the renovation. But as too many floor options are there, you may find it a little overwhelming, where to start or what to choose. Well, we have put together this guide to help you out.

Flooring Services

What to Think and Consider Before Getting Flooring Services

Before getting flooring services, ensure the right flooring for your home. Yet, look over the options for floor materials, like:

  • Hardwood flooring

  • Tiles

  • Stone flooring

  • Laminate

  • Vinyl flooring

  • Engineered wood flooring and more

Although you have so many choices for flooring materials, not each is perfect for your home. That’s why you need to think a little and consider a few things before decision-making! And it’s worth it because aside from the look, you should pick the option that works best for your family too. Such as:

Flooring Services

Foot traffic:

Maybe you will admit that some parts of your home remain in more use than others. For example, the foot traffic amount is more in bathrooms, living spaces, hallways, and kitchens than in the spare bedrooms and laundry room. Hence, while choosing flooring materials, remember that more foot traffic requires more durability.

Maintenance requirements:

If you are choosing a high-traffic floor for those specific parts of your home mentioned above, you should probably consider its maintenance requirements, including the cleaning frequency. It will help you ideate how hard or easy to care for this flooring type will be. Also, think about how much time you can give to maintain your floor. If you often run out of time, consider an easy-to-clean and low-maintenance flooring material.

Think about durability:

As aforementioned, the more foot traffic your home has, the more floor durability it requires. So, consider the shelf life of your flooring choice! For instance, hardwood and porcelain tiles come with a lasting and higher durability option. But for a few parts of your home, like the kitchen and bathrooms, you need to consider water resistance apart from durability so the floor can withstand regular moisture and spills.

Flooring Services

Room size:

For flooring choice, the level and size of the room also play a great role. Bigger rooms require more upkeep, especially when they accommodate larger stuff. In this case, you should look for low-maintenance flooring material, like laminate or vinyl. On the other hand, when you have a smaller space, you can think of light-coloured wood, so the room feels airier!

Among other considerations before getting flooring services, you need to think of:

  • Where will you install the flooring? Vinyl or tile is best for the bathroom, a high-moisture environment.

  • Engineered wood or fade-resistant laminate for the areas receiving maximum sunlight

  • Hardwood floors or porcelain tiles for the kitchen for long-lasting and durability

  • If you have pets, choose a scratch-friendly floor, like ceramic tile or laminate flooring, instead of a hardwood floor that gets scratched easily.

  • When your kids are prone to allergies, try to avoid carpet options for the floor. Opt for tiles or hardwood flooring there!

How to Prepare Your Home for Flooring Services

Once you have considered all these, purchasing new flooring for your home may be exciting. But you need to prepare your home before flooring services. Here’s how:

Ensure another remodelling is done!

If you’re also making some other renovations in your new home to bring a little change, be sure everything is done before you install new floors. It should always be the last thing to do during renovation.

Flooring Services

Adjust the doors before:

New flooring can cause a rise in floor level. So, if you won’t adjust the doors before, like trimming or shaving, you may not be able to open them with the new floor height. Ask a handyman to check if your door requires adjustments and how much. Do that beforehand of installing new floors!

Apart from these, keep the areas clean where you need flooring services, like moving sizable items, disconnecting appliances, and many more. And if you need a handyman for the floor installations and repair, reach out to us. Stay connected!

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