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Urgent Problems That’ll Need You to Contact a 24-Hr Plumbing Service

Plumbing emergencies come as a surprise as well as a shock. If you find out a problem at night or over a weekend, it can be enticing to DIY. Though it is alright to take care of things all by yourself, there’re a few problems that’ll need professional attention. And, if those issues occur at odd timing, you’ll need an emergency plumber.

According to a COVID-19 research about emergency plumbers done in 2020, “Just 4 in 10 are offering a ‘normal’ emergency service”. But, in 2022 things are different, more and more plumbers are now offering people 24 hr emergency service. So, even if you face plumbing issues at the midnight, 24 hr plumbing service in London will be there for you. But, what are the problems that will need you to call these service providers even at midnight? Continue reading our blog to know.

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Urgent Plumbing Problems

If you are not a professional plumber, ensure that you ask for a 24-hour plumber’s help for these below-mentioned urgent plumbing problems:

1. Broken Pipe

Broken pipes are a common plumbing issue that requires instant attention. Otherwise, the problem may lead to a serious issue – water damage. When pipes are broken, they can release a lot of water, which may damage the property.

So, whenever you discover a broken pipe, contact a 24-hour plumber. Fixing this type of issue on your own is risky. So, always consider getting in touch with a professional. While you are waiting for the plumber, make sure that you have removed the excess water in your area for minimizing the water damage extent.

2. Clogged Drain

It is common for people to take drains for granted mainly when they are working well. But, once it overflows or starts backing up the sink, it’ll need attention. When this happens, never try to solve the issue yourself even if it is midnight. It’ll be better to contact a 24-hour plumber to solve the problem. They will find out the cause and offer a dependable and long-lasting solution.

3. Gas Leaks

Most people are not aware that plumbing professionals also work with copper pipes or gas furnace connections. If you do not have a gas leak detector available, contact a plumbing professional to check your gas levels. If you have a detector and it is detecting an abnormally high gas level, get in touch with a 24 hr plumbing service in London.

4. Sewer System Holdup

This is probably the worst plumbing issue that every homeowner dreads. This issue is inconvenient, messy, and most significantly, expensive. If you are experiencing bad sewage odours, drain clogs, gurgling toilets or puddles in the drain, then you possibly have a sewer system backup. When you find out these signs, it’ll be best to get these problems solved immediately. Delaying may lead to serious problems. Call a 24-hour plumber fast!

5. Flooding

Whether it is because of a typhoon or a broken pipe, flooding needs an emergency plumber. It may happen anywhere in your house. The moment you’ve noticed flooding in your property, call a provider of 24 hr plumbing service in London.

6. Failure of the Water Heater

If the water of your shower is cold or it is not producing hot water, then it’s usually the indication of a water heater break down. At times, this issue is resolved immediately by fixing the heater’s breaker box. But if it is not working in that way, call an emergency plumber.

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Final Note

Plumbing problems occur gradually. The problems only become obvious once things start getting out of hand. Ignoring minor issues may lead to emergency plumbing problems that need the provider of 24 hr plumbing services in London. Make sure you contact a reputable provider for the job.

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