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The arrival of autumn, with dry leaves and rainy weather, can create problems around the house. Learn how to clean a clog.

When the vegetable debris clogs your gutters and downspouts around your house, put on your gloves and solve the problem quickly and easily.

The first solution is to clean with a hose, followed by tearing the pipe into pieces. This can be a daunting and time-consuming task, but it is preferable to workarounds.

If the pipe is clogged at one end, you can solve the problem with a stick, but if it is not easy to reach the formed clot, it is not recommended to use sharp metal objects or the "snake" used. They can break the thin metal or plastic from which most pipes are made.

A drilled pipe will no longer perform its functions successfully and holes can even encourage its clogging with dry leaves.

Hose cleaning

To clear the pipe, try the simple solution first. Put the hose to the drain at the bottom end of the pipe and release the water at maximum pressure.

If the pipe gets clogged, try inserting the hose into the drain on the roof. Never force the end of the hose into the openings of the pipe, as you may damage it which may lead to its premature replacement.

Periodic rinsing of the pipe with the house throughout the year can prevent serious clogging.

Undoing the pipe

If you have not been successful in clearing your garden hose, the next step is to clean it thoroughly.

Unscrew from the bottom the tubes that make up the pipe, using a. If the clogged segment is above your height, use a ladder. Place the ladder on a flat surface and make sure it is stable.

After removing the plant material that clogged one of the pipe segments, clean them thoroughly with a jet of water under pressure before reassembling them.

Maintain and regularly inspect gutters and downspouts on the roof and around your home to prevent clogging.

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