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Do You Need Toilet Repairs? 7 Signs That Point To A YES!

Your toilet is the most necessary component of your home. Even the smallest inconveniences regarding your toilet can ruin your whole day. And that is why you always need to keep them in good condition.

But the problem is that sometimes you may not realise you need toilet repairs. Overlooking the needs of your toilet can lead to costly repairs and replacements. Therefore, it is best to get the professionals and fix it while you can.

And to help you repair your toilet in time, we have listed some tell-tale signs of toilets screaming for help.

So, continue reading!

Toilet Repairs

Signs That Indicate You Need Toilet Repairs Immediately!

Plumbing disasters are never a pleasing experience, especially when it is about your toilet. So, when you start to notice the following signs, be sure to call your nearest professional and get them fixed quickly!

1. Suction And Gurgling Noises

Do you hear any suctioning or gurgling noises when you flush your toilet? If your answer is yes, maybe you need to call a plumbing expert now! These noises in your toilet or sink may indicate that you have a blockage in the drain vents. When sewer gases cannot escape through the vents, they try to go through your other bathroom fixtures and make strange noises. If it is indeed a drain block, then it will only get worse with time. Hence, it will be best to clear them out as soon as possible.

2. Constant Leaking

While some toilet leaks and flapper leaks are easy to install, others require assistance from experienced professionals. If you notice that the base of your toilet is leaking, the wax seal underneath your toilet is possibly deteriorating. Frequent toilet leaks can also indicate toilet cracks. The crack may start as a common hairline crack, but it can quickly turn into something much more severe and costly to fix. Professional toilet fixes at the right time can save you from this dilemma.

3. Frequent Clogs

Bathroom clogs are pretty normal and also easy to fix. For small clogs, you can use a simple plunger or call a professional to get rid of stubborn build-ups. However, if the clogging occurs once or more than once each week, your toilet may have an issue. A faulty part in your toilet can be the culprit behind these routine inconveniences. Luckily, with professional toilet repairs, you can get rid of these issues in no time.

4. Flushing Problems

If you discover that your toilet is having flushing issues, or if you require more than a few flushes, you may need professional repair. Running water is often caused when the flapper valve does not seal properly. Wiggling the valves may fix it for a very short period, but you would ultimately need to replace the flapper. Furthermore, if you choose to look over this issue, you may have to replace your toilet entirely.

5. Rusty Metal Parts

Take some time to check out the metal components of your toilet. Do you see any corrosion or rust? If your answer is yes, it could mean that those parts have worn out and need a replacement. Any rust, wear, or corrosion that spreads across multiple parts indicates that you may want to consider replacing the entire toilet.

6. Loose Toilet Handles

Another sign indicating that you may need professional toilet repairs is a loose toilet handle. Loose toilet handles can fall off completely anytime and cause inconvenience. If you find your toilet handle rattling frequently or getting stuck, it will be best to repair it as soon as you can. So, you can flush in peace and your toilet can live a few years more without trouble.

7. Crack In The Tank

Have you noticed water paddling near the base of your toilet? If you did, then your toilet probably has a crack in its tank. Sometimes toilet cracks are not visible, so it will be best to get a plumber and give it some professional attention.

Toilet Repairs

So, do you need professional toilet repairs? Be sure to consult with an expert if you find any of these signs familiar. And if you have any further queries about toilet troubles, feel free to reach out to our experts. We will be happy to guide you.

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