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Bathroom Refurbishment – Ways To Create Your Dream Bathroom!

‘The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it’ - Sydney J Harris. And, where’s the place to relax other than your bathroom? So, if you own an old and dingy bathroom and want to build a new one of your dreams, it’s the time for bathroom refurbishment.

Besides, bathroom renovation is essential as time style, structural design of your bathroom, and the other necessary equipment grow old. However, remodelling your bathroom can seem daunting when you want to do everything on your own. And this is the moment we jump in - your professional bathroom remodelers! In this blog, we will provide you with some tips on ways to renovate your bathroom within budget and short time!

Bathroom Refurbishment

Practical Tips For Bathroom Refurbishment

When making changes to your residential properties, you can begin with a bathroom renovation. You may not need to invest a lot; we can also help you with tubs, faucets, and sinks to install vanities and storage cabinets. A professional bathroom remodeler will also help you with ventilation and plumbing.

We will also provide you with some tips to optimise the renovation of your bathroom and make it more functional and cosy.

1. Consider the bathroom refurbishment cost

The expense of bathroom renovation depends on personal preference but on average - a bathroom refurbishment might cost around £4,500 if you don’t want to remove the existing pipe-work.

However, if you have a tight budget, you can cut your budget on bathroom style and electrical appliances and use the old products (if still usable). A simple bathroom design is also beautiful.

2. Design a layout and commit to it

It’s extremely crucial to think of a layout, even before starting the work. If you need help, we are here! But, if you keep changing your mind, there is no way to reach your goal. Consult with our professionals, tilers, and other contractors about your bathroom refurbishment and then get started!

3. Complete the plumbing before tiling

Is your plumbing old? Do you experience constant drain or sink blockage? If yes, complete the plumbing works before tiling.

Changing the pipes in bathroom renovation should be performed by professional technicians like us. We will tackle the arrangement of the equipment and all other plumbing works for better functionality.

4. Colours and design - don’t forget that!

What colours do you love? White? Blue? Gree? - actually, the colours and designs of your bathroom depending on you. Many people want a white layout in their bathroom, and this trend never gets old. Choose the bathroom equipment and fixtures according to the colour theme.

5. Minimalist bathroom design

‘Go minimalist’ - this phrase is on the latest trend, and most probably you have heard of this as well! That’s why you can think of your bathroom refurbishment in a minimalist way. For example, get rid of the sink counter and put some trolleys instead! For smaller spaces, this option works great and allows you to change colours, designs, or styles whenever you want to.

6. Install mirrors

Do you have a smaller space? Then mirrors can be the best option as they make your bathroom feel bigger. We would suggest installing a frameless mirror to achieve that elegant look. While renovating a tiny bathroom, replace the mirror with an entire wall.

7. Bathroom fixtures

If you want to replace only the tub, you may have to cover part of the shower wall. Suspended sanitary ware (which can get expensive) takes little space and makes cleaning easier.

8. Choose perfect lighting, ventilation and electricity

“A bathroom with natural light is usually preferred. When renovating a bathroom, choose to keep the window and adopt a frame with an oscillating tilting system.” - the words of a professional bathroom designer.

The lights should be on point and if your bathroom has moisture issues, install a quiet exhaust fan on the ceiling.

Bathroom Refurbishment

In A Nutshell

Our professionals will help you with bathroom refurbishment at affordable rates. We will help you select the most suitable materials and can propose creative solutions that no one might have told you about yet. We have years of experience and training in this type of work and are completely aware of the new trends and market values.

We wish you luck with your bathroom renovation!

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