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A Renovation Contractor Guide on Kitchen Modernization!

Do you feel that your kitchen has fallen out of style? If yes, it may be the time to modernize it finally! Well, you just need the best renovation contractor in London for that. But before you start looking for some inspiration for kitchen modernization in home improvement magazines, we suggest going through this blog. It will help you ideate creative ways to transform your cooking space and renovate it just like you have dreamt of!


Ideas From a Renovation Contractor to Modernize Your Kitchen

Modernizing a cooking space can make it feel inviting and new! Yet, we have jotted down here some creative ideas from the experts to give your outdated a new look so you can get the cooking space of your dreams and functional:

1. Upgrade The Metals:

If you built your home a decade ago, you might have used the metals for kitchen hardware popular at that time. Yet, it doesn’t go with the latest design trends. So, while modernizing your cooking space, you better rethink the lighting fixtures and drawer pulls.

To make your kitchen look trendy and welcoming, choose the metals from these options- brushes gold, stainless steel, matte aluminium, or copper for pendant lighting and cabinetry hardware.


2. Refurbish The Flooring:

Does your kitchen flooring give outdated vibes? Then, you should switch to something timeless yet trendy options for the flooring to swap it out! Yes, we are talking about the hardwood flooring, stone, and tiles. These materials are best to enhance the value of your kitchen while lasting for years. These days, hardwood is quite in demand in London homes.

3. Go For The Open Shelving:

Upper cabinets for dishes and cookware are quite a common design for most old kitchens in London. If your cooking space is no different, we suggest removing those, especially when you have no space to extend the room outward! It makes the kitchen feel overfilled. Instead, install open shelves for your dishware and decorative items that will free up the wall.


4. Add Seating To The Kitchen:

At Handyman London Book, our renovation contractors in London have handled kitchen modernization in so many homes. Yet, we can tell you that most modern kitchens embrace the seating idea within them!

The seating arrangement in your cooking space can give it an entirely new appeal. You have different options here, like seats and countertop stools for the breakfast bar, a bench or banquette for a window side table, and many more. It’s a great idea to entertain your friends or guide your children in homework while cooking.

5. Cabinetry Painting:

It’s a great idea for kitchen modernization, especially when you are on the budget edge! You can go for a modern black finish, bold blue, or any dark shade to cover up your outdated wooden-coloured cabinets.

To Conclude

So, if you want to modernize your cooking space, our renovation services include that. And while looking for expert help from a renovation contractor in London, contact us! Our professionals won't disappoint you. Stay in touch!

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