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7 Common Electrical Problems Screaming for Pro Handyman Services!

“People spend a lot of money to decorate the house but are not ready to spend a single penny at home to avoid an electrical accident.”

Hilarious- Isn’t it? But it’s the truth that you can’t deny! In fact, we learn to compromise with the common electrical problems at home that we often face. But you shouldn’t! After all, maybe not every but some of those problems can be more serious than it seems. That’s why you shouldn't be late calling an expert for electrical services whenever you find the issues discussed here!

Small Electrical Issues That Require Professional Handyman Services

“It is a matter of grief that many people don’t understand the utility of electrical work; most of them know nothing but switchboards and wires.”- the words of a professional electrician.

Yet, you ignore the small electrical problems, like slight electrical fires. But your ignorance can lead to bigger damage down the road! Even if you can fix some of these problems yourself, letting an expert deal with them is a safer alternative.

Here are some of those problems needed electrical services ASAP you often overlook:

1. Minor shocks from the switches or power points:

This one may be the most common sign that you have electrical problems at home! Maybe it was a small shock but wasn’t it jarring? Ask yourself! Problems can be in the plug point, switches, or the appliance you have plugged into. The best way to ensure it is by checking it with another device, and if the shock is constant, you shouldn’t wait long to call an electrician! The experts will check the wiring while they will tell you where the problem is and fix that.

Electrical Services

2. Tripped circuit breaker!

As its name refers, a circuit breaker interrupts the flow of electricity supply in your home after far exceeding its safety limits. Tripping the breaker protects the appliances from large voltage and further damage. It’s normal while happening every now, and you just need to flip the switch back.

But when the circuit breaker flips often, there’s something else amiss! One of the probable reasons can be your excessive use of high-power appliances that may frequently exceed the safe ampere rating of the circuit. Or there may be any shorted wire tripping the breakers repeatedly.

So, first, unplug all the high-ampere appliances and check if the breaker has stopped flipping. Otherwise, see electrical services to inspect the wiring.

Electrical Services

3. Burning smell:

Any appliances can heat up and cause a burning smell if you keep those turned on for a couple of hours. But if the same odour comes from your plug point, get electrical services to check the outlet. Also, turn off the switches and unplug all your appliances until the electricians come!

Sometimes, the source of the burning smell can be the plastic insulation of your wiring. And according to the experts, it’s a warning sign of electrical problems that needs to be fixed!

4. Discolouration of switches and buzzing sounds:

If you find a hot switch or socket hot, don’t take it lightly! In fact, the same thing goes for the switches and sockets getting discoloured or making buzzing sounds.

No, there’s no honey bee in your home! The switches may be loosely connected or have defective wiring inside. Ignoring it can lead you to get minor shocks! You better call a handyman to take care of this instead of trying to fix it yourself.

5. Flickering lights:

Of course, dimming lights may seem romantic, while the flickering ones give you the feel of a Halloween celebration at home. But it’s not something to be taken lightly! Frequent flickering and dimming lights require electrical services as quickly as possible because the issues may be faulty wiring or an overloaded circuit.

However, the light fixtures can be the reason sometimes. Here, you can replace the light yourself if you know how to do that or call the handyman for it! But if all the lights are dimming or flickering, probably the culprit is the wiring.

6. Frequent sparking:

Have you just discovered sparks flying from your fuse box or circuit breakers? You shouldn’t take it lightly and call the electrician now! On the contrary, the problem can lie in your appliance if it’s sparking. We suggest avoiding using such sparking devices until you get them examined and fixed by an expert!

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7. Exposed or damaged wiring:

Believe it or not, any electrical installations like wires, switches, or sockets come with a limited lifespan! As time passes, all these lead to the electrical problems mentioned above. In fact, exposed and damaged wiring can cause electrocutions. So, if you have been living in a home for two decades or more, hire a good electrician to inspect the entire wiring!

Do you need any electrical services for your home? If yes, contact our expert electricians! For more information, stay tuned here!

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